The Power of Education. Realized

​Wen & Yung Family Foundation is a San Jose, CA based charitable organization, dedicated to enhance the wellbeing of children both local and abroad and help them reach their goals and achieve highest potential through direct personal involvement and financial assistance. As we are part of the innovative society, strong foundation of education in science, technology, engineering and math is key to the success of our next generation. On top of the strong foundation, children should be exposed to other diverse area like art, sport, language, history, as well as leisure hobbies and entertainments to enhance their creativity. In addition, learning and respecting other cultures and treating others as he/she is expected to be treated are equally important in teaching children to be a good citizen in global society. Along with involvement, Wen and Yung Family Foundation hopes to instill a commitment to philanthropy in the next generation of our community's members as well.

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